Does installation really take only 1-3 days?!
Yes, however a really big cover may take a bit longer, and any site or foundation work may extend that period as well.

We pre-build the kit so that actual construction time is reduced.
It should take about 1-3 days for most covers.
And that will be done about 3-4 weeks after your deposit/permit.

Contact your local Dealer to schedule a more specific date.

How strong are these Covers?
Really, really, really strong...

It's simply a matter of spacing the legs closer together to obtain a higher load rating.

Usually there's a minimum roof load rating of 30#, that's enough to hold up your entire car. But they have been built as high as 130# roof snow load, which could hold up all your neighbor's cars. However, we still recommend parking UNDER the cover, not ON TOP of it.

The legs are also bolted down to concrete or foundation,
depending on your local requirements, and are meant to withstand a 90 mph wind load rating.

​Sleep easy.

What's the frame made out of?
All wood is purchased new from locally available sources.
And we always use only high-quality #2 or better lumber.

Can it be painted or stained?

You can either do it yourself...or...
Ask your Dealer, they may provide this as an additional service.

Can I put walls on know, like a garage?
Yep again!

Typically you just put horizontal 2x6 wall purlins between the legs at 16-24" o.c. Local regulations may have additional requirements that you should be familiar with.

What roof colors are available?
We buy locally available metal roofing, and most any standard color is available.

Contact your Dealer for specific color options.

What's the Guarantee?
Most Dealers offer:
"12-month If-there's-a-problem-Call-Us"

If you have a problem, Call.
Dealers are really helpful and want to make your life easy

Can these covers be installed during the winter?
Yes, they can typically be installed during the winter. Talk with your local dealer about how to handle issues of snow, frozen ground, etc.

Why don't you use Pressure Treated Wood?
Because it is a LOT WEAKER than standard lumber.

Pressure Treated wood is made of "white wood" and then cut with slots so that the preservative will penetrate the wood.

This results in wood that is not nearly as strong as conventional lumber.

To protect the lumber from rot, we install a sill plate or special coating under each leg so that it is not in direct contact with the ground or concrete.

For further protection we recommend that the wood be preserved with stain or paint. This is typically not included under the standard price, but may be offered by your dealer.